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26 February 2009 @ 09:44 pm
FandomFav.com is open and ready to take your fiction, art and media submissions!

We offer forums, a chat room, and blogs on site for our members! We know that there are lots of fandom web sites out there, but how many offer to host fan videos, fan art and allow their members to have their own blogs? We don't have to be the biggest, only the best.

Come by and check out the site. If there is anyone interested in being a mod or a beta, just drop us an email at admin@fandomfav.com.
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30 November 2008 @ 09:23 pm
We are at this time keeping submissions open until further notice. Just email your submissions to submissions@fandomsfics.com and we will promptly email you back.

The site will officially open on December 13th with fics, art, forum and video areas. Since some members might be interested in one area but not the other, membership to each area will be separate.

Fiction: Betas required. If you already have a beta it is not necessary that you use one of ours, however this might slow up the validation process. Once you are validated you can upload your own stories at any time and they will automatically be uploaded.

Art: Betas encouraged ,but not required. Just email us your submission and once you are approved, and you have joined the Art area, you can upload your own artwork from that point own.

Video: Betas encouraged, but not required. Other Video rules to be determined once the area is up and running.

Remember a second pair of eyes is good before submitting any media.

If you do not see a fandom or category you are wanting to submit for, just let us know at admin@fandomfics.com and we will correct the issue as soon as possible.
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23 November 2008 @ 10:54 am
FandomFics is a home for all fandoms. But don't let the name fool you, it's just not for fics either. We will archive art and video as well.

To kick things off we are now opening submission between now and November 28th at midnight CST.

The rules for submission is easy. When we have open submissions, you will email your submission to the administration staff at submissions@fandomfics.com, or submit it to the queue in your account area. Once you have and your submission is approved, you will be assigned a beta who will offer advice (if necessary) and will upload your media for you. Once you are approved you are automatically validated and do not need to wait for open submissions again.

We also hope to soon offer challenges, reviews, and games to make this one of the most interactive fandom sites on the web.

The staff hopes you will enjoy it here at FF, and we hope to make this your site! And as always we are open to any and all suggestions.
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